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Tuesday Tunes 3/29

Tuesday Tunes 3/29

John Lee has been known to quite the diverse array of music.  And considering the fact he listens to podcasts 95% of the time as opposed to modern music on the radio, he has to sift through his thousands of MP3s to keep him happy.  When people typically ask what kind of music he likes, the cliche answer is “everything”.  While he doesn’t regularly listen to everything all the time, he’s not one to say, ” I like rap, but hate country” or “Love alternative, can’t stand techno/trance.”  While he doesn’t have quite as diverse or expansive of a collection as his good friend, DJ NgaiNgai, sharing is caring. This will likely be a weekly Tuesday share going forward, enjoy.


  • H.O.T. – Outside Castle (The Castle Outsiders)
  • One of the first K-Pop songs John ever listened to.  As good as the entire song, the opening instrumental provides this enjoyable yet sharp contrast to the chorus and rest of song.

    • Genre: K-Pop
    • Year: 2000


  • Warren G Ft. Nate Dogg – Regulate
  • Absolute classic.  One of the first few hip hop songs John knew all the lyrics to.  The funny thing is, while this song is part of the Above the Rim soundtrack, and John does enjoy that movie; there never seems to be a connection between the two for him.

    • Genre: Hip Hop
    • Year: 1994
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