Weekend In Review 3/1 – 3/3: Posto Piggy & Clubventures

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Weekend was a blur and a general roller-coaster for John. After being sick for most of last week and sleeping an absurd amount of something around over 15 hours Thursday night (probably more sleep than John gets in a week), this past weekend was filled with drinks, piggies, friends, and ladies at the nightclubs…

Posto Piggy

This weekend was a good friend of John’s birthday.  Dinner took place at Posto in Davis Square.  This was John’s first pig roast adventure, he really had no idea what to expect.  John’s actually eaten at Posto before and thoroughly enjoyed the decor and ambiance there.  The one thing though, John wasn’t blown away with how dimly lit the restaurant was, but that’s because as a photographer, you’re stuck with obviously not using flash and having to shoot in low-light usually resulting in noisy/grainy photos.  All that aside, it was time for John to “pig out”.

Every piece of pig was delicious and scrumptious.  The pig was oh so succulent.  It was truly an amazing meal for John, he’s gotta find a bunch of people to try it again some time.  After the meal, he had to chuckle at the amount of leftovers as it would look like someone just ordered a KFC Gameday Bucket for the big game or something with the number of cartons of leftovers.

It appeared as everyone thoroughly enjoyed the 14-hour roasted pig.  Fortunately, there didn’t appear to be any vegans or vegetarians, it would have been torture for them.  It was great that the meal was capped off with some nice, not overly sweet, Chinese-style birthday cake.  Quite the memorable meal.


Clubventures @ Liquor Store

The club was packed as normal for a Friday night, but there was this one couple where they were dancing up a storm and the girlfriend in particular was just straight out cutting a rug.  Don’t know if John would have the onions to try to dance with her and the moves she was displaying.


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