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On a hump day in the middle of October, John was looking for nothing better than to just go home and work on some personal projects.  Yet, the tech geek in him and the retired market research analyst in him were urging him to go to the gdgt live in Boston event.  Boy is he glad he did go, because while the event was slightly better than OK, it got his tech juices flowing again…


gdgt Boston was held at Bijou nightclub on Stuart St., not exactly the best location.  It most likely would have been one of the last choices as a venue according to John.  Why you ask?  Well, unfortunately, Bijou is situated right next to an….. adult toys store.



So, no huge surprise to John, but after finding a sweet parking spot, he saw the ridiculously long line for gdgt Boston.  What’s up with John and these lines recently???  Anyone familiar with the Boston area, John was surprised that it even wrapped around the corner almost hitting that NY pizza joint.  Fortunately, unlike his ramen experience, this line was moving at a moderate pace.  It “only” took John about an hour to finally get in.




People were instructed to check out the 3rd floor first, then make their way down to the 2nd floor.   The inside was decorated pretty nicely.John did have some faint CES feelings while walking into the event in terms of the techy crowd and sardine-like groups bumping against one another.  Unfortunately unlike CES, no booth babes ;(  There was some interesting companies, but John was familiar with most of them, but just thought he would chat with a bunch of them.  He interrogated or “hoook’d” a SugarSync rep and just asked the prototypical what separates you from the Cubby, Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrives, etc. of the world.  I also did the same to an eBay Instant Sale employee about the differentiators from Gazelle, Amazon, etc.


On to the 2nd floor John went.  This floor felt just as packed as the third floor.  John casually talked to a variety of companies ranging from Slingbox, iRobot, Isabella, Roku, and many others.  A lot of just refreshers or updates of tech John has either used or read about.  Nothing particularly blew John away, but it was refreshing to see what companies were focused on.

John got to check out the Olympus booth.  From halfway across the room he could see the guys behind the desk showing off the Olympus OM-D EM-5… the very same camera that John uses!  He geeked it up with the Olympus guys about the accessories and lenses he wanted.  They even let John use the new M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm Micro Four Thirds lens (retails for $700).  He was able to shoot some portraits from across the room in the dim lit room.

John’s camera: Olympus Om-D EM-5

The M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm Micro Four Thirds lens John got to try out

A few shots John was able to take with the lens in very low light

Amazing event.  Crowded, yes.  Not the coolest tech, yes.  But John still had a blast geeking out abou tech.  Look for John’s newest tech blog to drop before the end of the year…


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