2012 IFSM International Super Model Contest hosted by Eclipse Mass Media

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John was invited to photograph the 2012 IFSM International Super Model Contest hosted by Eclipse Mass Media.  That fact it was a Sunday night @ 6, it was a tough call.  John would be missing the end of the Patriots/Seahawks game, and missing most if not all the awesome Sunday Night Football game of the Packers against the Texans.  Sadly, the sports junky that John is, he was pretty close to staying in and watching the games, but decided last second to check out the event.  He definitely didn’t regret his decision…

The fashion show was held at Royale in Boston.  The nightclub is massive and the layout quite suitable for a fashion show.  John was very impressed with the layout.  He hadn’t been to Royale in quite some time.  There were a handful of people at the event and everyone was dressed up.  John fiddled with his camera settings and such and got to a good spot to take photos.

The show started with the previous winner coming out.  John had to practically pick up his jaw from off the ground as the girl was simply stunning.  Definitely John’s own fault for not going to this event in previous years, but he definitely won’t be making that mistake in the future.

On to Round 1, evening wear.  The girls came out one by one in really pretty outfits.  Everyone was dolled up.  Each girl would come out and say a little something about themselves.  In the middle over drooling over all the beautiful girls, out came this stunning 6ft+ tall Korean girl that was owning the runway.  John recognized his friend Jaeyoung.  It was a pleasant surprise, and John thought she would surely take home the prize.

The following round had the girls in nightclub attire.  The outfits were tasteful and pretty hot.  All the girls seemed to loosen up compared to the previous round.  John wasn’t sure if this was due to the theme of the round or just the natural progression of the fashion show.  Some of the girls were very playful in their poses, just looking like they were having a blast being out there.


In round 3, the girls were all wearing the same t shirt.  John thought this was going to be a little boring if they all just wore the same t shirts and just different pants.  But after a few girls came out in just plain t shirts, some of the girls got creative with their shirts and wore them like a halter top or other creative ways.  Also, the leggy girls did stand out as some girls simply had legs for days…

The next round just had the girls do some Q&A about themselves and their interests, similar to a Miss Universe contest or something.   It was interesting to find about the ladies and their interests, but John just wanted them to announce the winner.  After much deliberation, they handed out a bunch of awards for various superlatives, but there would only be one overall winner for photography (print and other media) and runway.  John nailed it with his two guesses.  The Photography Model was an absolute bombshell, and she looked amazing.  And no surprise to John, his friend Jaeyoung won the Runway Model!  Great time at the event, John didn’t score any digits, but there’s always next time 😉

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