Newest Ramen Player in Boston… Welcome YumeWoKatare!

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Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of decent ramen places in the Boston area.  John has been to most if not all ramen places in the Boston area like Pikaichi, Mentei, Sapporo Ramen, etc…  While John prefers Pikaichi out of the bunch, Boston ramen in general felt a notch below the quality of ramen in places he’s been to in New York like Ippudo and Daikokuya in Los Angeles.  That previous statement…. has been revised with the arrival of YumeWoKatare!

John caught wind of a new ramen spot opening up in Boston.  Furthermore, this new restaurant was opening up on Friday October 12th.  Normally John would be reluctant to go to a restaurant on opening day in fear of the extremely long wait.  The fact that this was a new ramen place in Boston, it made John double worried.  However, John’s friends convinced him to go.  By the time John got there he was lucky that one of his friends had been already waiting in line for 45 minutes.  Without his friends, he would have had to wait in this crazy long line…

Fortunately it was only about a 15 minute wait because of Johns friend’s 45 minute wait.  Given the length of this line on opening day, you can bet that moving forward you should expect to wait close to an hour for this delicious of ramen goodness.  You should give the yummy bowl of goodness a try at least once and then determine if it’s worth this kind of wait in the future:

John finally reached the front and made his order.  YumeKoTare only has Pork Ramen with two options: 2 slices of pork for $12 or 5 slices of pork for $14.  John went with what he calls, 5 piece nugget.  Upon making your order, your are given a token/ticket of sorts.  You get a blue token for the 2 piece pork and a black token for the 5 piece nugget.  John recommends you think about your choice carefully.  It’s a pivotal choice like when Morpheus presented the two different pills to Neo in The Matrix.

John got seated at what appeared to be a Thanksgiving dinner feast with centerpieces in the middle.  Now, the business side of John, he kept thinking how inefficient this layout was and if they really wanted to maximize revenue, they could change the layout to better serve more customers.  On the other hand, John can envision the social dynamic and conversation this layout might enable.  Regardless, John was with his friends, so he didn’t get much time to socialize and mingle with fellow ramen-lovers.

Now, upon ordering your ramen, the chefs will ask you if you want garlic.  John’s a garlic fiend and if you’ve never had garlic with your ramen, John highly recommends it.  Its quite the food experience, but John also recommends not trying to lay a big fat wet one on any cuties with that garlic breath 😉  John’s friends got to inhale their ramen first and John had to patiently sit there before he could…. do work.

And finally Johns ramen arrived…. Even with the madness outside with the line during their grand opening, there in front of John lay a perfectly composed bowl of pork ramen.  Five huge pieces of pork occupied most of the bowl.  Next to the pork was large serving of cabbage and bean sprouts.  IF you opted in for garlic, you see a fairly substantial amount of garlic sitting on top of your bowl as well.  And beneath all this goodness lay the chewy noodles (the preferred Japanese way).

The veggies were scrumptious and added a nice contrast in texture.   John chose to sacrifice the potential digits gathering or make out sessions that evening by opting in for the delicious garlic on top of his ramen.  The garlic truly added loads of flavor and worked so well with the overall bowl of ramen.  The broth was very rich and flavorful, perfect on a frigid day.  If John was hungrier, he might have just stuck his lips on the bowl and slurped up all the broth!

John was slightly unsatisfied with the pork to ramen ratio.  The pork slices are really that huge.  As delicious as the pork was, John is in it for the noodles.  He’s fairly certain he’s gonna go with the two piecer in the future and pass on the five piece nugget.  In addition, while knit picking, the level of saltiness of the pork was slightly above John’s preferred threshold.  It wasn’t overbearing, but definitely made some of the taste profiles uneven.

Now on to the noodles.  As previously eluded to, these noodles are not your typical ramen noodles you might find at other Boston ramen places like Pikaichi.  Again, the noodles are al dente which leaves the noodles to be stringy and chewy.  They have a nice texture and because they’re al dente, you work on them a little longer which allows you to enjoy all the surrounding flavors.  Its hard to explain, but its delicious.

Upon departure, since you already pay in advance, its pretty nice to not have to do the math of your bill, take out your wallet, and do the math to split a bill, etc. Keep in mind, they’re cash only.  When you do finish your meal, there are these little tip boxes on the table.  Now with the fun atmosphere and colorful decor, John recommends a fun table game like credit card roulette or a Korean dice game of sorts and if you’re in a group, one person just cover the tips for your small group which would probably amount to $10 for a group of 4 or so.

When John finally left, the chefs waved him off, yelled some nice departing gestures that you get at some ramen places, and was presented a banana for the following morning.  Awesome place!

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