Weekend In Review 5/27 – 5/30: Trashed, Poker, Pikaichi & Penang, and BBQ

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One of the busier and more inebriated weekends for John Lee because of the extended Memorial Day Weekend.  However, there aren’t many better combinations than family, good food, good friends, gambling, and getting completely wasted … Friday

Dinner @ Penang

Penang is always a fun time.  The decor is great, which attempts to bring you back to a street hangout in a tropical paradise.  The Indonesian cuisine is always delicious and a far escape from the usual places John dines at.  There are a bunch of delicious dishes, but some John Lee’s favs include: Roti, Hainanese Chicken, and the Clay Pot Noodles. John and company got there at a decent time, because as they were eating, they noticed business was getting ridiculous there.  John hadn’t been there in a while so he was quite surprised at how popular Penang still was.






Hainanese Chicken

Hangover 2

Sadly, John only just recently saw The Hangover this past week.  He finally saw it, so he could watch the sequel and kind of get the back story and characters and such.  While the first one is pure comic gold while… let’s just say this sequel is more like some cheap sterling silver of a comedy.  Don’t get me wrong, John laughed his head off, but the jokes weren’t as funny and a recycled plot line just get tiresome after a while.  And above all… there was a gross out scene that John wasn’t expecting nor prepared for.  Let’s just leave it at that. Is there any doubt that the trilogy will end with Alan getting married, perhaps to Mr. Chow?  For a green card or something?



W Lounge

Always a great time at this place, one of John’s fav hangout spots; not many to begin with.  A lot of criticism with the size of the place, but John like’s to just consider it cozy…. especially with all the eye candy around.  Also, the drinks are probably pricier than other places, but they certainly are tasty.






Dinner @ Pikaichi

One of Johns fav ramen places, although there isn’t exactly a huge selection for John to choose from.  After trying all the various ramens @ Pikaichi, he’s decided the Shio (salt) ramen is the one for him, the rest are just OK.

John’s only real knock against Pikaichi is the inability to order extra noodles!





Poker and Drinks

It had been quite a while since John played poker; and even longer since John had gotten completely obliterated from drinking…. so why not kill two birds with one stone right?  The evening started off with a good game of poker with a bunch of friends.  John was never really good at poker, just extremely lucky.  Unfortunately the beginning of the night was playing out so well and he was down a little.

John was noticing the exceptional liquor inventory and decided to dive into some of the Zaya Rum that someone brought.  It was quite good.  But long story short, after the primary culprit, Mr. Zaya Rum, and his two accomplices, Makers Mark and Slane Castle.

After a few drinks, John bounced back and was up a little bit.  He was catching cards, making good bluffs and things were looking dandy… Unfortunately after many more drinks, he ended the evening down.





And of course among the copious amounts of drinking John would proceed to Drunk Dial and then proceeded with Drunken Tweets… to beautiful girls:

Not always a smart thing to call a hot girl…

a Mortal Kombat character…. Damn alcohol! Damn autocorrect!



Family BBQ

Nothing better than some good quality family barbecue time over a Memorial Day Weekend.  Johns cousins had a bunch of food including burgers, steaks, hot dogs, and sausages.  No veggies, they just take up space, right?  After going in to beast mode and filling up, John got to play with his cousins kids.  They were busy blowing bubbles and competing with who could blow the largest bubble.  Later, they got to play various things like badminton, football, and mini-golf (emphasizing the mini).

Lots of fun times.  Always great to catch up with family.  The weather was great as well, perfect for a barbecue.

Also, later John noticed this really cool bird’s nest at his parents place.  The mother bird would periodically grab worms and bring them back to feed her kids.  Really cool thing to see.




TV Catch Up

John got to catch up on some of his fav shows.  He’s quite the TV buff, so it was great to catch up.  Here are some of his thoughts:

  • The Event
    • The next LOST.  Made the mistake of jumping on the Flash Forward wagon, but this show is legit.  Although, would like to see Sean and Vicky as an item…. Leila looks like a poor man’s Blake Lively?
  • The Big Bang Theory
    • Doesn’t feel as funny as before, Penny and Raj dynamic would be kind of fun to watch though.  Do not put Penny back with Leonard!
  • How I Met Your Mother
    • Feel the same way about Entourage…. end it already.  But who is the mother already?!?!
  • Archer
    • The funniest show on TV, really great writing.
  • Modern Family
    • Possibly one of the funniest comedies on TV, really consistent.

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