Cetlics Playoffs 2011 Round 1 Game 2: KG is the new Ray Allen; Carmelo is the new… Lebron?

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Seriously, is there a better team to watch in the playoffs than the Celtics?  Even if you’re not a C’s fan, shame on you, but considering how many 7-game series they’ve had the last couple of years, the countless overtime games with Chicago during last year’s palyoffs, and then already two game-winning field goals by their studs, Boston fans always get great drama unfolding before their very eyes.  KG, who was a little shaky with a couple of misses around the hoop, mans up and takes it to Jeffries for the game-winning field goal.  KG definitely pulled a Ray Allen in this game.  And while Rondo had a superb game, Carmelo took it to a new level while both Billups and Stoudemire were out.  His performance last night was Lebronian, meaning prior to this current season when it was always Lebron and a cast of misfits leading the charge.  Carmelo sure proved that he could carry a team on his shoulders with that memorable performance last night.


Observations from the game:

Rondo should clearly obliterate any Knicks guard. There is absolutely nothing the Knicks should be able to do to stop Rondo.  “I tried to attack Game 1,” he said, “It’s just [that] my lanes were getting blocked.” That quote from Rondo is complete BS, the bigs on the Knicks are laughable, Amare is too busy thinking about points to play any serious defense.  Rondo should be emulate Chris Paul and his thrashing of Derek Fisher and the Lakers.

Carmelo pulled off a Lebronian performance. Not The term Lebronian only references Lebron James’ pre-Heat career in which most if not all the time it was him carrying a bunch of scrubs to Eastern Conference Finals, NBA Finals, etc… It was so clear that Carmelo had to do all the work when all these scrubs around him were shooting air balls or missing little easy buckets around the hoop.

Who has the worst supporting cast; Knicks or Heat?. Sorry Everyone talks about the Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh aka the Miami Thrice aka the Heatles… and their supporting scrubs and whether or not this formula would work.  Watching the game last night and the fact that the Knicks aren’t a Big 3, more like a Big 2.5, but their supporting cast is horrendous.  This guy Walker missed just about everything, this dude Jeffries catches the ball right in front of the hoop and doesn’t even bother looking at the hoop; pass first, shoot second.  Who’s supporting cast is worse, it’s like choosing which life-threatening disease you’d rather have…

Celtics have no one to  really finish around the hoop. Sorry Most Celtics fans probably still remember Big Baby getting blocked by the rim on a dunk attempt, but what about their other bigs?  Well Jermaine O’Neal seems to hover around the hoop for these little bunny jumpers, but never gets down and dirty around the rim.  KG on the other hand appears to throw up this soft finishers around the rim and only dunks it when completely left unguarded.

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